Gravel/net: An open-source IoT testbench

Gravelnet provides a platform of networked devices on which users can test and prototype applications

IoT applications

Run your IoT application on a smart building. Gravel/net provides you with an on-demand infrastructure to deploy your IoT application interconnecting clouds, sensors, actuators and terminals.


Interact directly with the data sources of your applications at runtime. Every single node of Gravel/net is accessible over IPv6 from anywhere.

Take away

Create your own innovation space at home. Pull Gravel/net code to any device to add a node that you control. Do it again and you have your own innovation space.


Deploy your applications anywhere that suits you best. Gravel/net community is building IoT innovation spaces in various settings all over the world, buildings, factories, public spaces, indoor or outdoor.


Test your hardware or software in a real IoT infrastructure. Either you developed a board, sensor, antenna or a protocol, firmware, application, Gravel/net allows you to collect performance data of your choice.


Do the same even if disconnected. A Gravel/net node can locally store your data when offline and make them available again once reconnected.

Getting Started

Four easy steps


  • Create an account and login
  • Join a group


  • Configure a profile for your devices
  • Setup your experiments


  • Manage execution of the experiment

Collect Data

  • Download data from all devices at once

Visit the docs for more information!

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