User guide

Please find a list of examples here.

To access the IoT testbed, please follow the steps below:

After logging in, you will get access to the Dashboard.


The dashboard is your interface to the testbed. Here, you will have access to the three parts of the test bed.

  1. Experiments: The experiments page shows you an overview of all the experiments you have created and their respective status. You may schedule, stop or delete an experiment. After stopping an experiment, you can then also download the data collected on all the devices you had chosen for the experiment, all in one download. Read more on the Experiments wiki page
  2. Profiles: The profiles page shows you an overview of all the profiles you have created for your account. These profiles are a configuration for the devices that you intend to experiment with. Read more on the Profiles wiki page
  3. Groups: Groups shows you an overview of all the user groups you are subscribed to. Each group has access to a specific set of devices. Read more on the Groups wiki page

The landing page provides you with an overview of these three parts. You can use the side bar to navigate to each of the sections for further information.

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